Why Call-Backs?

Removing the frustration of long hold time leads to happier callers and a more profitable contact center.

Call Backs Eliminate Hold Time and Improve the Customer Experience
//Reason 01

Eliminating hold time improves the customer experience.

Most customers will tolerate being placed on hold but will lose patience quickly, resulting in an angry caller, or worse, an abandoned call. Either way, the result is a poor experience for both customers and agents, which no business can afford to take lightly.

Replacing hold-time with a call-back improves your customer’s experience and bottom line.

Learn all about voice call-backs.

//Reason 02

Call-backs reduce spikes in call volume.

Whether you regularly experience peak periods at your contact center or occasionally have spikes in call volume, call-backs can defer calls until volumes are more manageable.

“Smoothing out” peak periods makes more efficient use of agents, improving call center productivity and reducing the need to hire additional resources. It also reduces the number of repeat callers, which further reduces spikes.

Call-backs are an insurance policy for your call center: When call volume spikes, you can rest easy knowing that you can handle the traffic.

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Call-backs reduces spikes in call volume
Lower Telco Costs With the Use of Call-Backs
//Reason 03

You can lower telco costs with the use of call-backs.

When you keep a caller on hold, a PSTN line is occupied the entire duration, often a toll-free DID at a premium per-minute rate.

Call-backs eliminate the need to keep lines open, removing the telco costs associated with hold time. This also frees up lines, cutting down on trunk costs.

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//Reason 04

Calls are shorter when customers aren’t complaining about hold time.

An angry caller can become impatient with an agent, often complaining about their negative customer service experience, which increases the length of the call.

Why put the customer experience in jeopardy? With call-backs, you can start every conversation off smoothly, resulting in lower handle times and improved agent efficiency.

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Calls are shorter when customers aren’t complaining about hold time

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