Top Analysts Covering the Contact Center Industry for 2016

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Top Analysts Covering the Contact Center Industry for 2016As a call center manager, it’s important for you to understand who the most influential people are in the space.

With the sheer number of individuals talking about the contact center, and all the noise this generates, it can be really difficult to find the great ones to follow. So we’ve compiled a list to make it easier for you.

Congratulations to these 20 thought leaders who were selected because of their highly regarded knowledge in the contact center.

Here is the list, in alphabetical order.

  1. Jon Arnold
  2. Bruce Belfiore
  3. Aphrodite Brinsmead
  4. Keith Dawson
  5. Lisa Durant
  6. Donna Fluss
  7. Paul Greenberg
  8. Sandra Gustavsen
  9. Ian Jacobs
  10. Nancy Jamison
  11. Irwin Lazar
  12. Kate Leggett
  13. Michael Maoz
  14. Sheila McGee-Smith
  15. Dave Michels
  16. Dan Miller
  17. Blair Pleasant
  18. Art Rosenberg
  19. Art Schoeller
  20. Paul StockfordShai Berger

The call center industry is blessed with a large and engaged analyst community.  Just by following their blogs and tweets, you’ll get tremendous insight into the latest best practices, stats and trends!



These analysts regularly contribute and share valuable content that speaks to customer experience, customer support and the call center. Below you’ll see a short profile of each analyst. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for our Top Customer Service Analysts list coming next.

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