[Video] One Contact – One Channel and Why it Matters

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[Video] One Contact – One Channel and Why it MattersOCR is defined as the percentage of customers who successfully resolve an inquiry or problem during their first contact using only one channel. A simple way to think about this is ‘one contact – one channel’.

Although FCR and OCR are highly correlated, many call centers who track FCR fail to consider OCR since it factors in whether the customer used another channel to resolve the same inquiry – making it a more difficult metric to measure.

Interestingly, 77% of customers who use two or more contact channels to resolve the same inquiry or problem do so because of a service failure in the first contact channel. For the average call center, an alarming 42% of customers are not able to resolve their inquiry or problem on the initial attempt.

More and more, contact centers are realizing the importance of OCR, but can’t seem to find ways to master this critical metric. Fortunately, we can assist. In this one-hour webinar you’ll learn how to properly deliver, measure, and improve OCR.

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The Top CX Metrics for Improving Your Call Center

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