Top 10 Angry Tweets from Customers Waiting On Hold

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Onholdwith.comTop 10 Angry Tweets from Customers Waiting On Hold is a community-driven platform that aims to end hold time for customers. The website tracks companies who are experiencing the most complaints on Twitter from people waiting on hold. It’s our way of recognizing which businesses need to improve their call center hold times, and could benefit from a call-back solution like Fonolo’s. But the most interesting part of are the tweets themselves.

By the time someone has taken to social media to unleash their innermost hold-time frustrations, the result can be truly eye-opening, and sometimes pretty darn hilarious. I mean, if you’re waiting on hold for 4 hours, you have to find humor in hearing, “Your call is important to us, please hold,” for the 89th time, right?

We’ve looked at the top 10 hold time offenders this month, and scoured their Twitter complaints to compile some of the most cringe-worthy responses to waiting on hold.

10. British Telecom

When sarcasm is your only way to stay sane…


9. Sprint

When you literally don’t remember the life you had before you were put on hold…


8. AT&T

When the problem IS the solution…


7. Vodafone

When the hold music becomes a method of torture…


6. Direct TV

When your money just isn’t good enough…


5. Virgin Media

When “a Michael” shows you no love…


4. Sky Broadcasting

When a department transfers you to another department that’s NOW closed…*rage*


3. Telus

When your wait time is eclipsing your entire day…


2. Comcast

When hold times are so long you apply for a job, get it, go through training, and fix the issue yourself before someone picks up the phone…


1. Verizon

When you could have done something “better” with your time…


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