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Like most companies competing in the modern marketplace, the financial industry is subject to spikes in call volume due to seasonality. Despite the increased offering of digital channels for handling customer service requests, surges in call center activity for financial institutions are a regular occurrence. The reason for these surges varies: They may be the result of unexpected crises (such as a data breach) or more predictable events like annual mortgage renewals or tax season. Added to this are the challenges brought forth by the digital era, which have the financial sector rushing to adapt to meet the increased demands of contemporary customers.

As banks close their physical branches, with more services being offered through their digital channels, customers take to the phones to have their questions answered. 30% of customers calling in are doing so with “moment of truth encounters” that “have higher emotional stakes for the customers.” These become key interactions in maintaining – or losing – customer loyalty. When call volumes spike, the stakes are even higher as customers deal with frustratingly long hold times.

image of young customers blocked from entering credit unionFear not: By planning now to prepare your call center for increased call volume or “random” call spikes, you can easily avoid any major fallout. In our latest field guide, you’ll read about four of the most important ways you can get your call center ready for any scenario. Here’s a sneak peek:

Blend Digital and Personal Interactions

Customer journeys are more complex than ever before. A consumer might see an intriguing offer on social media, research the offer on the bank’s website, start a web chat for help in filling out an application, then telephone the call center to monitor its status. Each of the above interactions should feel seamlessly integrated, providing a hybrid banking experience that mixes digital tools and human input.

Don’t Neglect Training

As more customers migrate to digital for routine transactions, properly trained contact center agents can concentrate on selling and supporting more complex products. Even the highest quality agents will need training and time to get up-to-speed and to effectively handle their work during peak times.

(This is just a sample – you can download the full guide here!)

Managing drastic spikes in call volume while preserving a world-class customer experience is not easy. However, there are certain tactical actions that can alleviate the pressure your organization feels during these periods of high call volume. This is how you build that all-important and hard-earned trust, two ingredients critical to financial decisions and member lifetime value.

Learn how to prepare your call center with this handy, game-changing guide.

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How to Prepare Your Call Center For Spikes in Call Volume: Financial Industry

How can your financial and banking institution manage drastic spikes in call volume? We provide four ways you can prepare.

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How to Prepare Your Call Center For Spikes in Call Volume: Financial Industry

how to do call spikes at your bank
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How to Prepare Your Call Center For Spikes in Call Volume: Financial Industry

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