The Fonolonian Experience: A Typical Day in the Customer Success Team

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At Fonolo, we’re known for our superior call-back technology and helping contact centers create exceptional customer experiences. But if you ask our clients, they’ll tell you we do much more.

Photo: The Fonolo team poses for a photo while out for a company dinner at a restaurant.

The Fonolo team gathers for dinner at a company social (2019).

We have our Customer Success department to thank for this. Our Solutions Engineers play a huge part in our clients’ experience with our products. They don’t just offer technical support — they’re experts on providing quality customer service.

Hassan Chaudry is the Lead Solutions Engineer at Fonolo. His background in telecommunications and technology made him a natural fit for the role. However, it’s his ability to build relationships with clients that truly sets him apart.


Want to join the Fonolo team? These qualities will help you fit into our culture:

  • Inquisitiveness — you have a natural curiosity and are not afraid to ask questions.
  • Love of learning — you’re always looking to expand your knowledge.
  • Open to challenges — you are enthusiastic when it comes to solving problems.

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Life as a Solutions Engineer

Photo: Hassan, Fonolo's Lead Solutions Engineer, takes a coffee break at the office. He is sitting on a chair, profile to the viewer, looking at his cup of coffee.

Hassan takes a coffee break at the Fonolo office (2019).

Fonolo’s Solutions Engineers are true experts on the product. For this reason, they are often consulted on everything from product features to security concerns. They’re also the main point of contact for Fonolo customers.

There’s no such thing as a typical day for customer success. Hassan usually starts his day by evaluating and prioritizing his tasks. This involves checking emails for customer queries, reviewing current project statuses, and noting any surprise issues that need attention. Over the course of a day, he could find himself working on anything from new customer deployments to sales calls.

“Each new day definitely brings a new learning experience,” says Hassan. It’s that variety that keeps his work fresh and exciting. While some tasks involve quick fixes, others require deep thought and brainstorming.

“Each new day definitely brings a new learning experience.”
– Hassan Chaudhry, Lead Solutions Engineer at Fonolo

Hassan recalls his training and onboarding period as “intense, but well planned”. There was a lot of information to absorb, even with his related experience. That said, Hassan says the training was customized to his background and abilities which made the process easier and more effective.

“It was a great introduction to the role and the company,” says Hassan. “I’ve always appreciated Fonolo’s approach to teaching.”

Challenges and Highlights

Of course, every job comes with its unique set of challenges. The Solutions Engineers at Fonolo are often faced with complex technical problems to solve. Hassan says he often finds himself getting down in the weeds to find the root cause of the issue, which involves a lot of trial and error.

But help is never more than a call away. Whenever he needs a second opinion or a new perspective on the issue, Hassan knows he can count on his teammates. By looping in different departments, he’s always managed to find solutions to difficult problems.

““The cherry on top is when our clients see our passion and resolve… and convey their trust and appreciation.”
– Hassan Chaudhry, Lead Solutions Engineer at Fonolo

“The people I work with are a group of intelligent, driven and collaborative people,” he says. “Day in and day out I get to work with these professionals… I have learned much from them!”

With that said, finding the solution to a problem is incredibly rewarding to Hassan — especially when customers take notice and share positive feedback.

“The cherry on top is when our clients see our passion and resolve… and convey their trust and appreciation,” he says. “The fact that we work directly with the customers and get real time feedback allows me to improve what I’m doing.”

Career Growth at Fonolo

Photo: The Fonolo team meets via Zoom and poses for a group photo. Each person is smiling and waving at the camera.

The Fonolo team meets remotely via Zoom (2020).

Working at Fonolo isn’t just about the work you do. It’s also about learning and developing as a professional. Since joining the team, Hassan says that he’s experienced a lot of growth in his technical abilities as well as his professional knowledge.

“I have been challenged with projects and implementations that pushed my boundaries and forced me to really drill down and figure out the direction I want to take my career,” says Hassan.

“My time [at Fonolo] has definitely lived up to, if not surpassed my initial expectations.”
– Hassan Chaudhry, Lead Solutions Engineer at Fonolo

What’s more, Hassan says management has been invested in his professional development and career growth since the day he started. He has regular meetings with his manager where they discuss new learning opportunities and interesting projects to take part in.

The time Hassan has spent at Fonolo has been rewarding. He describes the company as a great place to work, play, learn and grow – all while facing challenges together as a family.

“My time here has definitely lived up to, if not surpassed my initial expectations,” he says. “It’s been great to see the company grow over the years while still maintaining its spirit.”

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