Do companies really want to avoid customer calls?

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When someone hears about what we’re doing at Fonolo, they sometimes say: “Aren’t the phone systems deliberately obtuse? I figured companies want to keep callers away from agents, because it saves money.” It’s true that a few companies are guilty of that, but only if they are very short-sighted. Companies that appreciate the negative of impact of poor customer service quickly realize that frustrating their callers is not a way to save money in the big picture.

Here’s a great quote from Southwest Airlines:

We have plenty of self-service options on, and we figure if someone’s calling, it’s because they want to speak to us.

– Lance Morton, Southwest Airlines’ director of automation
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Steering the caller is fair, if done right

In the majority of cases, companies are making an honest effort to steer customers towards self-serve options, and that’s fair for them to do. (A live agent conversation can be ten- or even a hundred-times more costly than a web transaction.) But often, the approach taken for this “steering” comes off as heavy-handed, and the end result is an angry caller. See Shai’s recent post on eBay, “eBay scolded for long hold times”.

Fonolo cures the zero-out problem

The problem is that the primary tool for directing callers is the IVR, which comes with a ton of negative baggage. Today’s consumer simply dislikes dealing with phone menus and, no matter how carefully they are designed, a large percentage will continue zeroing out.

If zero-outs are a problem at your call center, we think Fonolo’s visual navigation is a terrific solution and would love to talk to you.

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