Top 5 LinkedIn Groups for Call Centers and Customer Service

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Last week we published a list of top analysts covering the contact center space. Those folks are a terrific resource for following the rapidly evolving call center industry. Another great resource are LinkedIn Groups. The main advantage of groups is that they create an interactive community around debatable topics with like-minded professionals. The disadvantage is that you have to find the right groups to participate in.

There are a TON of groups. As of 2012 there were over 1.2 MILLION! How do you find the right one? For niche topics, LinkedIn’s Group search function is perfect, but in the contact center industry a basic search returns hundreds of results.

How do you find the quality groups? Well, at Fonolo, we’ve been joining and un-joining groups for years, on that exact quest. Luckily for you, we’re going to share our top 5. We judged them based on membership numbers, how active the discussions are, and how “on-topic” the discussions are (i.e. free of spam and promotions).

If you think we’ve forgotten any, please let us know in the comments.

The List 

Mobile Customer Experience

Mobile Customer Experience

Owner: Mike Bergelson
Members: 646

Synopsis: A forum for discussing opportunities and challenges related to dramatically improving the customer experience in a mobile-first world.

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Worldwide Contact Center Professionals – Execs In The Know

Worldwide Contact Center Professionals

Owner: Chad McDaniel
Members: 32,119

Synopsis: Worldwide industry experts in customer contact strategies including CRM, BPO, direct marketing, managed services and call center industries.

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Contact Centre Technology Experts

Contact Centre Technology Experts

Owner: Kevin Brown
Members: 6,798

Synopsis: Contact Centre Technology Experts allows experts to discuss emerging technologies and be kept up to date on exciting opportunities in this arena. Our members include experts in IVR, ACD, Routing, WFM, QM, Logging and call center analytics. Including employees of Genesys, Avaya, Cisco & others.

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Call Center Professionals

Call Center Professionals

Owner: Daniel Chutich
Members: 20,000

Synopsis: Professional networking group for individuals actively involved in the Call Center Industry as a Strategic Leader, Operations Manager or Consultant.

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Customer Service Champions

Customer Service ChampionsOwner: Shaun Belding

Members: 16,937

Synopsis: Customer Service Champions is a group of people who believe customer service is a core driver of all organizations. Share your ideas, concepts and principles. Let people know which organizations you believe excel in service and which are struggling.

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