10 Interview Questions to Ask When Hiring All-Star Call Center Agents

10 Interview Questions to Ask When Hiring All-Star Call Center AgentsGreat agents aren’t just important to call centers, they’re essential. Hiring committed, motivated, and qualified agents helps your contact center achieve its purpose.

On the flip side, hiring the wrong agents can be detrimental and costly. In fact, 27% of employers said that just one bad hire costs more than $50,000. Good call center managers instinctively know this, especially since 95% of a manager’s success resides in the ability to select the right people.

It’s key to ask the right questions during the interview, ones that help determine whether a candidate possess certain competencies. Here are the top 10 interviewing questions that are sure to lead your call center to the best agent for the job.


1) Tell me about yourself.

Take a few minutes at the start of the interview to let the candidate talk about themselves. Instead of jumping right into questions, this approach gives the candidate a moment to relax and be at ease.


2) What do you know about the call center, our organization and this role?

This is a great starting point in the interview. How much time has the candidate spent on actually knowing who your organization is and what the role requires? You aren’t looking for experts in the field; you are looking for a basic understanding as it shows how serious the candidate is about the job.


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3) Why do you want to work here?

Now that you know their understanding of the role, it’s time to see what drew them to apply. Why are they excited about working for your call center?


4) What are the key factors that make a call center successful?

This question helps when candidates haven’t spent much time learning about the organization, but still show great potential. Now it’s time to understand what they know about the call center industry as a whole. It also gives you a chance to see what ideas they will put forward to make your contact center successful.


5) What have you done to promote great customer service?

We’re hoping that the answer in question 4 talks about the importance of customer service, so let’s dig a bit deeper. Get an understanding of specific actions that promote great customer service.


6) What is the biggest work challenge you have faced in the past 12 months?

Ensure that the candidate is telling a story here. They should be describing a challenge, their approach to handling it and the outcome – whether it be positive or not.


7) What is your biggest achievement?

What a candidate is most proud of can tell you a lot about them as a person. Perhaps it was solving a difficult customer complaint – this shows they are passionate about helping people, or say it was achieving an award – this shows they are motivated by recognition.


8) How would you handle an angry call from a customer?

Every agent has experienced a negative phone call with a customer. How it was handled and what they learned is essential to career growth.


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9) How would your team/manager describe you?

The candidate should provide examples and situations that reflect their descriptions. See if what they are describing would be a good culture fit for your contact center.


10) Why are you leaving your current position?

This question is crucial. The answer needs to demonstrate good reason for the decision. The candidate should also remain positive and show what they learned in their last role.


Out of more than 6,000 hiring professionals worldwide, more than half said they have felt the effects of hiring someone who turned out to be a poor fit for the job or who did not perform well. A successful call center manager needs to understand that the first step in training and retaining the right agents is in the hiring process.

Remember the words of Steve Jobs,

“The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.”


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