[Webinar] 4 Contact Center Tips for Managing Spikes in Call Volume

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[Webinar] 4 Call Center Tips for Managing Spikes in Call VolumeCan you relate to this statement: “We are generally staffed well enough to handle normal call volume but find that we regularly have spikes that we can’t handle.”

Rest assured you’re not alone. Even call centers that manage forecasting and establish strict SLA’s experience spikes in call volume. Anything from extreme weather conditions to product recalls can flood your call center in an instant. The result is an increase in average handle time, an escalation in hold time, and frustrated customers.

Are you prepared for unexpected spikes in call volume?

The reality is that voice is the most preferred channel for customers, but its popularity comes at a price – long hold times. The effect they have on the customer experience is significant: 60% of customers will abandon a call after just one minute of waiting on hold. If you want to preserve customer loyalty and keep your CSAT scores healthy, you’ll need to make sure you have the right safety nets in place.

In this one-hour webinar you’ll learn 4 tips that will help you to better manage call volume spikes and deliver uncompromising customer service.

We talk about:

  • How to Meet Rising Consumer Expectations
  • Staying Focused on the Right Metrics
  • Planning for the Worst
  • Plus so Much More!

Who should watch:

  • VPs & Directors of Customer Service
  • VPs & Directors of Contact Centers
  • VPs & Directors of Web/Social Media
  • VPs & Directors of Customer Experience


Shai BergerShai Berger, Co-Founder and CEO, Fonolo

FonoloAs a leader, innovator, and thought leader, Shai Berger is on a clear mission to educate the call center industry on how to improve the customer experience.



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