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Radial Inc., a bpost group company, is a leader in e-commerce solutions headquartered in Pennsylvania. They offer best-in-class Customer Service Outsourcing solutions for premier brands around the world. Businesses confidently partner with Radial to deliver their brand promises, anticipate and respond to industry disruption, and compete in a rapidly evolving market. Radial offers a wide array of post-click services for their partners, such as order management, fulfillment services, supply chain services, payment, tax and fraud function, and customer care.

The Challenge

Radial has a history of maintaining strong service levels and low wait times for their clients. Originally, call-back technology was not a tool they needed. This changed in 2019, when one of their clients made call-backs a requirement, prompting their team to explore options in the space.

What began as a client request quickly became a valuable tool when the COVID-19 pandemic forced the world into lockdown in early 2020. Radial would see a huge increase in online sales and customer interactions, directly impacting their contact centers with many clients seeing call volumes double or triple their initial forecast.

The Solution

Radial shopped the market for a call-back solution over the next six months in response to their client’s wishes. Robin Gomez, Radial’s Director of Customer Care Innovation, says they were looking for a lightweight, hosted solution with hardware on premise and a flexible commercial model. It was a tall order, and after considering many options, Fonolo emerged as the clear choice.

“Fonolo is a solution that makes sense for us,” says Robin. “We could work with it from a technical perspective; it could integrate with our systems, and it was friendly from a commercial perspective.”

The implementation process was seamless for both Radial and their client. Once launched, Radial began receiving requests for call-back services from other clients. Today, they have 22 brands using Fonolo across a range of industries, including apparel, sporting goods, cosmetics, and luxury items.

The Results

Voice Call-Backs were immediately embraced by Radial’s callers. On peak days, they would receive as many as 3,000 call-back requests. Radial ran several tests, turning call-back offerings on and off during specific periods to determine Fonolo’s true impact on their contact center performance. They were impressed with their findings — particularly with Fonolo’s positive effect on abandonment rate and speed of answer.

“You could see the dramatic drop in abandon rate versus the periods when we didn’t have call-back on,” says Robin. Today, Radial regularly recommends call-backs to their clients demonstrating how it helps them meet their Service Level Agreements.

Radial leverages Voice Call-Backs a bit differently for each client, depending on the brand’s needs and unique customer base. They develop strategies around staffing levels and the best times to offer call-back options for optimal performance. “With the volume of traffic that we now have, [call-backs] are great to have as a release valve,” says Robin.

To download a copy of this success story, click here.

Fonolo makes sense for us from both technical and commercial perspectives — their solution integrates with our existing systems and it’s very customer friendly.

Robin Gomez

Director of Customer Care Innovation

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