How Fonolo Works with Your Call Center

In-Call Rescue is a cloud-based solution that easily hooks into your existing call center infrastructure, with minimal impact to your business processes.
Offer Your Customer a Call-Back
When hold times are too long, give your caller the option to "press 1 to get a call-back from the next available agent".
Transfer the Call to Fonolo
The customer presses 1 and the call is transferred to a dedicated SIP address in the Fonolo cloud. If your call center doesn’t support SIP trunking, transfer the call over the PSTN to a dedicated DID.
Your Customer Hangs Up and Fonolo Waits on Hold
Fonolo places a call to your phone system and waits on hold for an agent. This call can be placed to a SIP address, dedicated DID, or to your main toll-free number.
Your Agent Answers the Call Normally
The CSR hears the Fonolo 'whisper', an audible message prompting them to accept the call. CallerID and CTI will be preserved. Fonolo can also pass additional data via the whisper.
Ring! A Happy Caller is Connected
Fonolo places a call-back to the customer and connects them to the agent. If the customer is unavailable, the agent can easily re-schedule the call-back or leave an automated voice message.

Simple, Web-Based Configuration

Manage every aspect of your experience with our easy-to-use customer portal.
Real-Time Call Stats
See a live snapshot of your calls and view historical data including CDRs, surveys, and more.
Simple Control Panel
Configure call-back options, set up queues, customize whispers and more, in real-time.
Intelligent Call Routing
Change how calls are routed via SIP trunking, the PSTN, or the Fonolo Appliance.

Connecting Your Call Center to Fonolo

Our cloud-based approach offers low costs, quick deployment and inherent scalability. It doesn't rely on legacy hardware or consulting fees.


What changes are required to add In-Call Rescue?
To add Fonolo to your call center, you'll need to play a message to callers offering them a call-back (e.g., "Press 1 for a call-back from the next available agent").

When they accept the offer, you'll need to externally transfer the call to Fonolo (via SIP, PSTN, or Appliance).
How do callers accept a call-back?
To accept the call-back offer, your customers simply press 1 on their phone and the call is transferred to Fonolo.

Callers will hear a customized message confirming their call-back number, letting them know that they can hang up, and that their phone will ring when an agent is free to speak with them.
How do agents accept a call from Fonolo?
The agent answers the phone like any regular inbound call. They'll hear a customized message prompting them to accept the call-back (e.g., "Hello, there is a customer on the line for you. Press 1 to be connected now").
How does the Responsive Widget connect to my system?
Customers can initiate a call-back directly from your mobile app or website. Fonolo will then place an inbound call to your call center on behalf of the customer via SIP, PSTN, or Appliance.
How does Fonolo pass CTI information?
There are several ways to pass CTI data. If your call center supports SIP trunking, this data can be passed as customized SIP headers, compatible with your existing phone system (e.g., the "User-to-User" or "X-Genesys-" headers on the Avaya and Genesys platform).

Alternately, we can pass the data via a web service or audible whisper to your agents.
How does Fonolo pass additional data via the whisper?
When a call is transferred to Fonolo, in addition to confirming the call-back number, we can ask the customer for specific information (e.g., "Please tell us your account number").

This information can be audibly whispered to agents when they answer the call, and repeated as many times as is necessary (e.g., "Press 1 to be connected now, or press 2 to hear the customer responses").
Is there a way to keep our voice data on-premise?
Yes. Fonolo can be enhanced with a turn-key Appliance (which connects via SIP or PRI).

The Fonolo Appliance complies with strict security requirements (no voice data leaves your data center), while still using the convenience and efficiency of the cloud.
What if our call center doesn't support SIP?
If your call center doesn't support SIP trunking, Fonolo can connect via the PSTN (traditional phone calls) or using an on-premise Appliance (which supports SIP or PRI).

When your customer accepts a call-back, simply transfer the call to a dedicated Fonolo DID. Likewise, to reach an agent, Fonolo will place a call to your existing phone number or dedicated DID.
Do you support my phone system?
Yes. Because Fonolo is cloud-based and connects to your call center via SIP, PSTN, or Appliance, we're compatible with all major traditional and cloud-based call center vendors.
Does Fonolo offer multi-language support?
Yes. Fonolo prompts and whispers can be customized and localized for any language.
Do you have a solution for BPOs?
Fonolo offers a solution tailored to the needs of BPOs. Please contact us to learn more.