The Problem with Poor Customer Experience

Poor CX creates bigger problems when customers stuck on hold grow frustrated and take even longer to serve. Offer a call-back instead!

Poor CX in the contact center can lead to angry customer calls like this one.

Angry Customers Take More Time

Isn’t it ironic? Customers frustrated by long hold times end up spending more time on the line complaining about their negative experience! This means they’re on the phone even longer. And so is your agent. Poor CX is expensive. It costs time, money, and customer loyalty.

Call-Backs Offer
Better CX

You can improve your customer’s experience before you even talk to them. Well-written FAQs, effective IVRs and timely call-back offers provide your customers a helpful experience they won’t forget. Keep in mind that 93% of customers say they are more likely to purchase again from companies that provide excellent customer service. Call-back technology keeps customers off hold, supports after-hours callers and VIP customers, too.

Offering customers a call-back offers better CX and better outcomes in the contact center.
It pays to invest in better customer experience: customers are happier, loyalty increases and contact center KPIs improve.

Better Customer Experience Pays Dividends

While poor CX can grow into a big, expensive problem, great CX is the opposite: It pays dividends! By offering your customers a call-back, you keep them off hold and help ensure their conversation will be a positive experience. Your customer will feel well-tended to, and agents will be less stressed. The results are lower handle times, higher first-call resolution, and improved agent efficiency.

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