Pandemic Resources for the Call Center

Information and resources help you guide your contact center through COVID-19

Post Pandemic Stack

Creating a Post-Pandemic Strategy for Your Contact Center

This comprehensive, step-by-step guide will help you develop a powerful and impactful transition strategy in the face of a global emergency.
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How to transition back to the call center after covid 19

How to Transition Back to the Call Center After COVID-19

We’ve put together the most important considerations for your strategy to keep your team healthy and happy after lockdown.
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4 Major Risks to Call Centers After the COVID-19 Pandemic

As lockdown subsides, it’s important to stay realistic and prepare for the challenges your team will be facing in the coming months.
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4 major risks to call centers after the pandemic
How Credit Union Beats Call Spikes During COVID -9

How R&I Federal Credit Union Beat Call-Spikes During COVID-19

We sat down with CUbroadcast to find out how this credit union managed to keep their customers happy despite relentless call volumes.
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